Our Mission, vision and values . Robotics engineering instructors


Our mission is to provide high quality courses, and programs for young minds in Coding, Electronics and Robotics.

Our Vision is to educate the future technology leaders, enhancing their creativity, by encouraging outside the box thinking.


Robo-Geek values Respect, Integrity, Quality of Service and Commitment to Excellence.

what we offer

Great Flexibility


  We worked with parents and teachers to best fit lifestyle and schedules. We offer catch-up classes and online courses as well.

The Fundamentals


  We teach the fundamental concepts first in our STEM programs in our coding and robotics courses for kids . Students are encouraged to troubleshoot, reason and look at patterns for problem solving. Our unique labs are designed for students to challenge themselves and encourage self-learning..



  1.   Our Team has robotics engineering instructors. We communicate with parents frequently. Including a report card with recommended approach to improve the student's experience.