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STEM Workshops

Robo-Geek offers school workshops for students and teachers in Coding, Electronics and Robotics for Grades 3-12.

Robo-Geek will work with educators to design the perfect workshop. We have plenty material as a result of our continuous drive to develop with new technologies.

Our instructors are highly qualified and professional. Our prices are extremely competitive. For more information, please contact us at

Coding workshops  with Visual C#, Python, C or Java Script.

Robotics workshops with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, EZ-robots and more.

STEM workshops with hands-on activities.


Available workshops

 Available workshops (G1-8):

RG-STEM-01: Bridge Design G 1-4 
RG-STEM-02: RPI (Raspberry PI)    G 5-8
RG-STEM-03: Solar System G 6,7
RG-STEM-04: Turing Machine G 6-8
RG-STEM-05: Gravity G 4-6
RG-STEM-06: Intro to Electricity G 6-8
RG-STEM-07: Neural Networks G 7 & 8
RG-STEM-08: Self Driving Cars G 7 & 8
RG-STEM-09: Intro to Robotics G 5, 6, 7, 8
RG-STEM-10: Intro to Coding G 1-4
RG-STEM-11: Intro to Python G 5-8
RG-STEM-12: Intro to Arduino G 5-8
RG-STEM-13: Mini Factory G 7 & 8
RG-STEM-26: Combo Coding  G 5-8

RG-STEM-29: Plane Workshop G 1-4

RG-STEM-31: Telephone Workshop G 1-4 


Available workshops (9-12):

RG-STEM-04:Turing Machine    G 9 -12
RG-STEM-07: Neural Networks  G 9-12
RG-STEM-08: Self Driving Cars Intro  G 9-12
RG-STEM-11: Python  G 9-12
RG-STEM-15: Electronics + Arduino   G 9-12
RG-STEM-16: Neural Networks Advanced  G 9-12
RG-STEM-17: Self Driving Cars Advanced  G 9-12
RG-STEM-18: Computer Vision with Python  G 9-12
RG-STEM-19: Manufacturing Workshop  G 11,12
RG-STEM-20: Internet of Things  G 9-12
RG-STEM-21: Introduction to Java  G 9-12
RG-STEM-24: Android Studio G 9-12
RG-STEM-25: Introduction to C# G 9-12

RG-STEM-27: Android Studio with Sanbot Elf G 9-12

RG-STEM-28: Pygame  G 9-12

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