STEM Education with SANBOT Elf robot

Sanbot Elf

Robo-Geek Inc. is now Re-seller of Sanbot Elf, an intelligent service robot developed by QIHAN Technology, a company focused on innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and video analysis. Our robotics engineering  team has developed first class courses in STEM Education and AI Artificial Intelligence. Our Sanbot package can be used by Schools implementing their STEM Clubs or by Universities on their AI labs. Sanbot is the result of QIHAN’s deep collaboration with technology partners, featuring class-leading solutions including rechargeable batteries from Panasonic and image sensors by Sony. QIHAN’s capabilities in cloud-enabled robotics and AI are built from years of research.
Sanbot Elf is 92 cm height, 40 cm width and 30 cm depth. It weighs 19 Kg. It runs on Lithium battery of 20Ah/300W capacity; its running time is about 10 hours.