Proven Methodology

 Over a thousand students have taken our courses in Coding, Electronics and Robotics. We have evaluated carefully what students like and listened to parents feedback in order to improve our curriculum.

We continuously work very hard to upgrade our lab equipment, and curriculum to ensure the best possible student experience and stay at the cutting edge of technology.

Moreover we communicate with parents and students and issue report cards every session. Additional material will be accessible for students to continue learning at home with optional home-work for those who would like extra challenges at no extra cost.


Courses info


Our Courses

Introductory courses are 6 weeks long. Each class is 55 minutes long. Cost $125 per course.

Intermediate and Advanced courses vary in duration  depending on the subject. Parents have the option for multiple courses at a discount. If interested please contact Robo-Geek staff.

Milton (Saturdays)

New session starts  November 30 - January 11, 2020.

We accept new students for Introductory courses any Saturdays. If you are interested on a free assessment please contact us.

Robotics Club meets Monday nights. If interested please visit our After School Programs.

Milton (Mondays)

We are offering Robo-Geek courses on Mondays too.

Please, register on the button below:

Brampton (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays)

Now accepting registrations every Saturday for introductory courses.

We also offer courses Wednesday and Thursday evenings. If you are interested on a free assessment please contact us.


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